What makes us different?

Proof we finally have some competitors or potential partners The hot topic around the water cooler and more importantly with our customers and prospects is, “How are you different than company X?” This, it turns out, is a surprisingly hard question even for a company that sells stories about our customers “differences” everyday.

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What would you do for 100 Grand?

We asked our customers (and a few prospects). We’re shipping 500 boxes of 100 Grand candy bars this week, enabling some serious “wha-wah” moments. That’s the objective of this particular campaign. We want our audience to have a moment and subtlety remember who gave it to them.

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What's the last song that got stuck in your head? Mine, Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker. I'm at the office trying to flesh out some new content when lightning strikes in the form of an eighties rock icon known for her vocals. The question we're trying to answer. What problem does VLG direct mail help you overcome? The answer suddenly took chorus form.

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How do you mail someone the web?

Using the postal service to trigger better web traffic Your sales team is totally in the dark. Let's start there. Marketing mails something unique to a prospect. Your sales team receives delivery notifications and leaves a voicemail, because who answers the phone on the first ring. Amiright? A rep follows up with a personalized email. Still nothing from the prospect. Total darkness.

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