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You get sixteen-plus years and thousands of campaigns worth of marketing know-how when you work with VLG. From our roots as a B2B marketing software company in 2005 to all-purpose techie/creative nerds you see today, VLG has been doing personalized, targeted direct marketing programs since before they were cool.
Actually, we take credit for making them cool.
We fight boredom! B2B was boring until we began mailing out hotel key cards, floppy discs, decoder glasses, gif-embedded emails, and even fully activated mobile phones. We added services as clients asked for them and, in the process, delivered higher quality in less time.


Got questions about GDPR and CCPA compliance? Working with Marketo, HubSpot, or Pardot? Want to know how long it takes to launch your ABM program? Got you covered in our FAQ.

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ABM 101

ABM increases click-through rates, pipeline growth, conversion rates, and deal velocity by focusing on cultivating the best-matched and most profitable accounts for your business.

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About us

VLG provides strategic B2B account-based marketing consulting, software solutions, creative and fulfillment services all under one roof. Personalized creative, measurable results.

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Our Blog

Keep up to date with trends and changes in account-based marketing as we add new perspectives on topics including automation, B2B marketing, branding, data, metrics, direct mail, sales pipeline, technology, and more.

Embrace Your Marketing Stack

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What makes us different?

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How we get results
The pieces VLG de thoroughly and pushing creative boundaries.Based on my experiences, I will not hesitate to call VLG repeatedly to collaborate on projects.
VLG has been fantastic to work with. They never fail at thinking things through thoroughly and pushing creative boundaries. -Gretchen Weaver, Avere Systems
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