ABM 101

Account based marketing definition

One popular account based marketing definition is “the most effective way to identify, engage, convert, and expand your customer base.”

ABM will increase click-through rates, pipeline growth, conversion rates, and deal velocity by focusing on cultivating the best-matched and most profitable accounts for your business.

Account based marketing basics

Companies love their brands, but companies that love revenue care more about demand generation. ABM has evolved demand generation marketing that continues to drive marketing and sales alignment.

Gone are the days of siloed marketing and sales initiatives. ABM brings it all together under one roof. Get good at the basics and your ABM will drive demand. Account based marketing is defined by these steps:

  • Identify - Marketing and Sales come together to identify the best revenue opportunities, key accounts, buyer groups, personas, pain points and solutions.
  • Engage – Creative programs break through the clutter to engage their key accounts on a one-to-one basis. Personalized messaging is key to online and offline audience engagement.
  • Activate – Emotive art and messaging turn passive participation into active engagement. Activation becomes formulaic when we truly know and understand our target audience.
  • Expand – ABM is relationship building. Trust is the foundation. We leverage powerful data tools to craft creative solutions that retain and grow key accounts.

The ABM formula

  1. Technology
    Companies are likely to have at least three different ABM software solutions. We call this your marketing technology stack, or tech stack, or martech. The basics include a customer resource management platform, email marketing solution, and web analytics tool.

    As your own account based marketing definition grows more sophisticated and aligned with your specific requirements, so must your tech stack. Successful B2B companies using ABM move into intent-based solutions, marketing automation tools, and applications that further align sales and marketing.
  2. Strategy
    Why is your tech stack so important today? Technology drives strategy. Software engineers code complex algorithms that measure everything from search histories to mouse movement.

    This level of detail gives today’s ABM professionals the data needed to execute programs with surgical precision. We build strategies that work with your martech to fulfill the marketing promise of engaging audiences at the right time with the right message.
  3. Creative
    Until the robots take over, the creative companies need to execute ABM strategies and justify the price tag of all that technology. If done right, your creativity and technology will feed off each other.

    Creative is no longer pass or fail. It is an ongoing process. ABM creative leverages the data captured by technology to refine and reshape an emotive message that moves buyer groups to take action at the key account level.

    The technology, strategy, and creative elements of this formula will enable you to define account based marketing tailored to the needs of the enterprise.
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