Embrace Your Marketing Stack

Your buyer path isn’t the same as mine. We all make decisions about purchases in different ways. Companies know we’re different. Marketing departments that really have their act together know why. So, it stands to reason that companies must find ways to engage us, convince us, and win business from us in very different ways.

For the past two decades the level of technical sophistication in marketing departments has evolved at a wildly rapid pace. The graphic above is evidence and brilliantly updated over the years by MarTech.

For many companies, one technology or platform meets this buyer-path challenge. But for most, the solution is a well-architected marketing stack. There’s a great article on the topic of marketing stacks that’ll get you up to speed.

Since 2011 we’ve heard about the impending consolidation of marketing technology. Large scale automation tools would take over the industry. To a certain extent marketing automation tools (MAT) have grown in complexity and expense, but still struggle to be all things to all people. No big surprise there.

Even large enterprises like Microsoft utilize a marketing technology stack to organize their marketing and sales efforts. Just this week the DialogEngine became the latest addition to the Microsoft stack.

Whether your stack includes Salesforce, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Drift, Sumo, Medium, InstaPost and the DialogEngine, chances are it will look something like that. It’s messy, but that’s okay. (BTW, that’s the VLG stack.)

The reason the marketing stack is here to stay is because at its very core is the ability to adapt.

The stack allows us to plug and play new tech, new approaches, and test and try, because our competitive landscapes are forever changing.

Marketing must innovate and that's hard to do handcuffed to a giant marketing automation tool.

I’m constantly on the hunt for a new angle, a new approach to what will forever be marketing challenges. Attention, interest, decision, and action are the building blocks.

How do you get attention in this day and age? What technology helps you do that, while capturing the metrics needed to forecast success? Is your marketing keeping and generating interest en route to a buy decision? Does your marketing stack provide sales with the opportunity to close deals? These questions and more must be asked and the answers likely need to be aligned with account-based marketing and sales, as well as your stack.

VLG has been fantastic to work with. They never fail at thinking things through and pushing creative boundaries.
— Gretchen Weaver, Avere Systems
VLG is very creative, proactive, accommodating and responsive.
Would highly recommend them.
— Elias Abdo, ABBYY
VLG has a grasp on who our target market is and understand our goals.
— DeLaine Nick, ICE Mortgage Technology, Inc.
The pieces VLG designed have been so successful that prospects are actually calling us directly as a result!
— Courtney Pierce, Rapid7