August 27, 2021


What's the last song that got stuck in your head?

Mine, Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker. I'm at the office trying to flesh out some new content when lightning strikes in the form of an eighties rock icon known for her vocals.

The question we're trying to answer. What problem does VLG direct mail help you overcome? The answer suddenly took chorus form.

You're an ice breaker, meeting maker, deal taker

Don't you mess around with me

You're an ice breaker, meeting maker, deal taker

Don't you mess around, no, no, no

Without question our mail pieces are unique. Without a doubt they are memorable. We've met people that could recall a VLG mail piece not days or months, but years after receiving it.

When we control the entire ecosystem (marketing through sales), we generate about a 13% close rate on leads created with our marketing efforts. The cost-per-lead is embarrassingly low.

Here's the trick:

Hi, I'm Michael. I mailed you that coaster/hotel key/pair of red glasses and wanted to make sure it made it to your desk.

It did? Great! Did you get a chance to check out the website? You did. Even better. Well, are you struggling to break through the inbox to reach your target audience? If so, do I have the song for you…

And if you'd like this song stuck in your head today, see below. Now, if I can only find a song that talks about hitting prospects with your best shot, because we all know sales is a battlefield.


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