How do you mail someone the web?

Using the postal service to trigger better web traffic

Michael Simmons│04/18/2022│2:30 min read

Your sales team is totally in the dark.

Let’s start there. Marketing mails something unique to a prospect. Your sales team receives delivery notifications and leaves a voicemail, because who answers the phone on the first ring. Am I right? A rep follows up with a personalized email. Still nothing from the prospect. Total darkness.

Then this happens.

As long as the original mailer, the voice mail, and the email all reference a target’s unique URL something really amazing can happen.

When prospects start thinking about why they should call back, take a call, or respond to an email, they will 100%, without fail, never a doubt, want to know a bit more about your business before responding. When they do, “Yahtzee!” That’s how you deliver the web.

Reps love it when a prospect is caught doing their homework - researching the business. This means your company is one step closer to engagement and opportunity. All that is made possible with the help of an often forgotten piece of the direct mail campaign - the personalized URL.

Including a unique URL in your mail is a great way to leverage web metrics as you would for PPC. Think of every individual box shipped as a separate text or banner ad that tracks back to the individual target or targeted account.

In essence, the post office becomes Google for lack of a better analogy. The URL in a brand box captures the same metrics. When plugged into your marketing stack you have something far more relevant for your sales team (aka more powerful than PPC).

Direct mail is experiencing a rebirth of sorts. Although it never really went away, B2B has finally shifted away from a consumer marketing approach to direct mail. Said simply, flat mail is out for B2B marketers, box or gift mail is in.

Account based marketing is the reason companies should send higher-end, dimensional mail. The scattershooting days of direct mail are over - at least for B2B marketers. Targeting with pinpoint accuracy is made possible through the application of technology that removes all guesswork.

A company’s BDRs have the benefit of delivery notifications that trigger follow-up activity. What happens when the target audience doesn’t pick up the phone or respond to emails after mail is delivered? The answer is the reason a digital experience is such an important piece of your ABM efforts.

How does your sales team leverage your direct mail budget today? Post-meeting gifts are popular. Pre-event appointment getters also work well. At the end of the day, surprise-and-delight mail beats the inbox every day of the week.

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