How To Market Your Cybersecurity Company

Secrets of Building Trust and Getting Meetings

Bad actors don’t take holidays. Want to know what industries are recession-proof? Look no further than cybersecurity. A cybersecurity company’s biggest threat is not adversaries. It’s other cybersecurity companies on the hunt for new customers. As an agency that specializes in the tech sector, aggressive growth by acquisition is one thing. Repelling competitors is something even more important in a down economy.  

Like any other company, your cybersecurity business needs to reach out and find potential partners and customers. But, unlike other companies, your cybersecurity business will be looking for trusted partners from the very start. In order to attract the right people and organizations into your organization, you need to build trust through transparency, trustworthiness, and reliability. 

Trust is nothing new in marketing. Trust signals are some of the best content a company can produce. How does Gartner rate you? Did Forrester just recommend your services? Whether you’ve just been named one of the greatest companies to work at or the best business by BBB, trust is priority number one for cybersecurity companies. This article discusses the nuances of marketing your cybersecurity company so that you don’t just get meetings with people interested in doing business with you but create value for them as well.

Build Transparency

Transparency is a key factor when marketing your cybersecurity business. Customers need to be confident that you’re providing them with the best deal available and will be able to deliver the goods at the time you commit to doing so. If they don’t trust you, they won’t commit to buying from you. Taunting adversaries in public is one thing.  Taking one down is something that you should probably brag about.

Demonstrate Reliability

Many cybersecurity companies are entering a period of rapid growth, which requires rapid expansion of the company’s staff and hiring of new employees. In general, these are exciting times for cybersecurity companies and their employees. Ask Solarwinds what it’s like to be a security firm that gets embroiled in a successful attack. Your customer plays a role in how successful they are at leveraging security tools and architecture, but demonstrating reliability through third-party surveys might be just as important.

Communicate Value

The best way to do that is to create high-quality customer content. Interview your customers often. Get feedback. Get as much feedback as you can.  Armed with good reviews and hopefully a few high-quality customer testimonials, you’ll be ready to show value. Don’t sleep on good sales collateral. As they say, “the numbers don’t lie.” Be ready to demonstrate financial and operational value with real-world examples.

Bottom Line

One of the best ways to market your cybersecurity company is to build trust with your customers by demonstrating transparency, reliability, and value in your customer experiences. Trust is vital to any business, and marketing your cybersecurity company is important for the growth of your business. While ABM efforts to demonstrate these core tenets should be a priority, don’t forget that ubiquity is important.  

Meetings happen when trust is earned.  

If your industry is the sort that needs to be everywhere, all the time, then your marketing needs to be everywhere, all the time.  Use remarketing and LinkedIn lookalike audiences to ensure your message follows your prospects and customers across multiple channels. 

Leverage guerilla direct mail tactics to break through the noise. When sales generate a list of high-value targets, use a little higher price-per-piece to drive conversions. Up the volume on your email touches. Be judicious with your LinkedIn conversation ads—proven to outperform carousel ads. Commit to video content. are little scores as high on the trust scale as a person telling your brand story in a short video.

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