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How to Tap into the Dark Funnel with Direct Mail

Hannah Gregg│05/06/2022│2 min read

In a machine-driven world, it makes sense that B2B marketers rely on AI, but quantifiable data alone isn't enough to meet market demands. A recent study found more than 65% of shoppers make purchases without seeing a single piece of branded online content or speaking to a salesperson. These behind-the-scenes buying decisions are heavily influenced by organic social posts, third-party research, and private messages that live in what's referred to as the Dark Funnel.

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What is the Dark Funnel?

Why is this mysteriously monikered realm so important? The B2B buyer's journey is no longer linear, and consumers meander along the purchasing path, randomly slow down, and make unexpected turns. Short of being a fly on the wall, there's no hard and fast way to measure buying intent fully, but direct mail can help fill in the gaps. 

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Here’s how:

Get your foot in the door through the mailbox. Word-of-mouth marketing hasn't disappeared, but it's gone through massive changes. A quality mailpiece can tap into this mysterious well of anonymous insights to hit targets where digital can't: on an emotional level. 

Keep your customers coming back. People want to share things they love, and nothing puts off a customer quite like feeling undervalued. Personalized direct mail cultivates communities and builds brand loyalty by showing a level of buyer appreciation that doesn't go unnoticed. 

Deliver a new-school experience with old-school advertising. Is digital marketing effective? Absolutely — but not on its own. There's much to be learned from the Dark Funnel, and direct mail offers a unique opportunity to churn continual engagement and gain behavioral signals from previously unattainable sources. 

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