Speeding Up The Sales Cycle

How data-driven decisions can accelerate your pipeline.

When it comes to ABM success, the slow-and-steady approach doesn't always win the race. A speedy sales cycle is essential to compete in the B2B marketplace. So much so that marketers consider pipeline acceleration one of the three most important metrics in measuring the success of an ABM campaign. 

True to all aspects of modern life, consumers demand engagement, and if you don't feed them the right content, they'll quickly get bored and move on. It's crucial to continuously hit targets with tailored touchpoints throughout the entire buyer's journey. A shorter sales cycle means reaching more customers, closing more deals, and generating higher revenue. 

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So, what is pipeline acceleration?

Let's start with the basics. Pipeline acceleration is marketing-speak for strategies that organizations implement to speed up the sales process and increase audience engagement. According to a Harvard University study, 25% of B2B sales cycle takes a minimum of seven months to close — growing steadily by 22% over the past five years. Yawning? Your leads are, too.

Poor lead quality costs time and money, and the longer the sales cycle, the greater opportunity for error, which is why savvier marketers are doing away with traditional prospecting. Pipeline acceleration campaigns essentially bypass the marketing qualified leads directly into sales. By filling the funnel with pre-qualified leads, marketing and sales teams close more deals faster.

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How can you apply this strategy?

Data. That's how. In the past, forecasting was riddled with errors and outdated information, but CRM technology has changed all of that. By leveraging revenue intelligence systems, CRMs automatically log insights, and with easy access to a reliable, accurate source of truth, teams can easily track go-to-market activities.

Better data means smarter sales decisions. With AI, you can easily track go-to-market activities and get immediate insight into the health of accounts and your team's productivity.

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