What makes us different?

August 27, 2021

What makes us different?

Proof we finally have some competitors or potential partners

The hot topic around the water cooler and more importantly with our customers and prospects is, “How are you different than company X?” This, it turns out, is a surprisingly hard question even for a company that sells stories about our customers “differences” everyday.

How do you answer the question? Seriously, feedback in the comments could lend us all a hand and give us new insights. Why? Because we are all different in our own special way.

In Thank You For Smoking Nick Naylor says to his son, “OK, let’s say that you’re defending chocolate, and I’m defending vanilla. Now if I were to say to you: ‘Vanilla is the best flavor ice-cream’, you’d say…” The son replies, “No, chocolate is.” They banter back and forth until Naylor says, “Well, I need more than chocolate, and for that matter I need more than vanilla. I believe that we need freedom. And choice, when it comes to our ice-cream, and that Joey Naylor, that is the definition of liberty.”

Chocolate or Vanilla or More

Is marketing so different?

When someone asks me how I’m different from my competition I say, “Choice.” We are a creative shop that happens to be really, really good at direct mail fulfillment, ideation and digital websites. Heck, we wrote our own delivery platform and fulfillment app. This is a rare combination in the world of direct marketing. Some of our competitors are really good at fulfillment. There are plenty of creative outfits running around that can think up ideas.

What makes us different is our ability to execute all three and do them well. We’re not boxed in by ideas, or technology. There doesn’t have to be a stock catalog of options to choose from, there’s no timetable to subscribe to, there are no boundaries. You can personalize a website experience, or go non-personalized. Leverage our partnerships with upstarts like Clearbit to expand your campaigns even further. Integrate your campaigns with Salesforce, Marketo, or Eloqua. We can even give you the tools you need to get more out of Sendoso and PFL.

There is no box to think in or out of apart from those we’ll use to deliver your unique direct mailer. How are we different? If you want chocolate or vanilla, that’s not us. If you want something more, that’s why you hire VLG.

Come back next time and read my thoughts on “Why is the American government the best government in the world?” There’s no way I can’t get some dialog going with that one. (Hint: go watch Thank You For Smoking for that to make sense.)

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