What would you do for 100 Grand?

August 27, 2021

What would you do for 100 Grand?

We asked our customers (and a few prospects).

We’re shipping 500 boxes of 100 Grand candy bars this week, enabling some serious “wha-wah” moments. That’s the objective of this particular campaign. We want our audience to have a moment and subtlety remember who gave it to them.

It also enables the ultimate dad joke, because there’s not a whole lot people won’t do around the office for $100,000. Unfortunately, we could only send ten 100 Grand candy bars.

The most underrated candy bar of all time? Maybe.

What started as a way to get our co-workers to beat deadlines or take over kitchen duty turned into something bigger. We couldn’t keep it to ourselves. It’s that simple, that authentic, and it makes us giggle.

This particular campaign is proof that inspiration comes from a close knit team. #WWVLGD

Also because we’re into brand stories, check out this retro 100 Grand candy bar tv commercial. Classic.

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