VLG Audience Engagement

Audience Engagement

Total user experience

The best way to get audience engagement is to provide great user experiences. That seems obvious, but undeniably, people are bored with formulaic B2B marketing.

B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring. We are changing that with every ABM program and campaign we direct. VLG uses a full range of offline and online channels, including direct mail, email, web, gifting, social, paid search, retargeting, display, POS, outdoor, mobile, and events.

VLG It's all about brand

It’s always about the brand

Understanding the power of a brand to elicit an emotional response is to understand the reason marketing is a $322 billion industry today and expected to reach $640 billion over the next five years.

Whatever else an ABM program may be, it is always about the brand. Finding new and innovative ways to engage target audiences is essential to building brand awareness, equity, and preference.

VLG Successful Outcomes

Defining successful outcomes

Working with VLG is meant to be easy—and hopefully fun. Before we lose ourselves in an awesome, creative idea, we want to make sure we keep our eyes on the prize, the ultimate goal of the marketing spend.

Defining success metrics is the best way to stay focused and avoid scope creep. While we wholeheartedly believe companies will find more budget for great ideas, our first mission is to define and reach the outcomes needed to propel your business forward.

VLG Human Centric

Human-centric marketing

Every audience is an audience of one. Personalized marketing goes well beyond pre-populating a website with the users’ demographic or firmographic data. It means considering the environment of the person you want to reach.

Are target audiences on their phones? Are they more likely to be at home or the office? What do we expect them to do first? Are the buttons on the landing page easy to navigate or tap if holding a phone in portrait mode? We consider the entire user experience across channels to boost outcomes.

VLG Be Different

Be different!

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign focused on audience engagement is to present a unique, memorable experience. We take the ordinary and bend it to our needs to achieve a truly great moment for the target audience.

In 2008, we adopted the tagline, “We fight boredom!” to really drive this message home. Fundamentally, marketing should evoke emotion to engage audiences. But marketing also has a responsibility to educate. You can do both.

VLG has been fantastic to work with. They never fail at thinking things through and pushing creative boundaries.
— Gretchen Weaver, Avere Systems
VLG is very creative, proactive, accommodating and responsive.
Would highly recommend them.
— Elias Abdo, ABBYY
VLG has a grasp on who our target market is and understand our goals.
— DeLaine Nick, ICE Mortgage Technology, Inc.
The pieces VLG designed have been so successful that prospects are actually calling us directly as a result!
— Courtney Pierce, Rapid7