Data-driven creative solutions

“Data-driven” and “creativity” don’t always walk hand in hand. We say they must.

We understand that great marketing – creative marketing – starts with the creative spark from the right side of the brain.

But today’s creative agency needs to have a solid grasp of left-brain strategies that follow a logical, data-focused approach to achieving key outcomes for our clients.

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Deciding what to measure is a critical step in executing a marketing campaign. Every client is different. Attribution models differ at each company, but there are certain hard metrics we need to measure every time.

Not only does it provide a much-needed morale boost when things click into place; it also tells us something much more important.

The data shows what subject line worked on that last drip campaign. We learn which ABM play was most effective – and we learn what not to do.

Good lists are critical

Traffic drives engagement, engagement drives leads, leads are qualified, qualified leads are converted into opportunities and buying decisions are made.

At each step along the way, your marketing stack, your tech stack, and a variety of other online and offline data solutions are feeding us more and better ways to engage your customers, prospects, and employees.

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