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Creative Mail

Sourcing, storage and shipping

“Big ideas come in creative packages.”

We cut our chops on production and fulfillment services for our direct mail programs. Direct mail is critical to the success of any lead generation effort. It could be considered the marketing mule—steady, strong and reliable.

Since we opened our doors in 2005, we have taken what some might consider an unusual approach to sending dimensional mail as part of ABM programs. A #10 envelope that's handwritten and hand stampped garners attention from curious prospects and customers. A fair mix of both paired with a refined digital strategy stretches your budget to run more effective programs.

VLG Fulfillment Echo Dot

More than mail

What is in the box has set VLG apart from the start, from inspiration to fulfillment. Why do boring, branded tchotchkes in a box, when something more guerilla or intriguing gives you five times the results? Stop limiting yourself to swag. We want you to have your own merchandise.

All you need is an agency with the creativity and resources to execute an marketing program across email, social media, websites, and direct mail, with printing and fulfillment services in-house—a one-stop B2B agency.

Today’s mail is even more creative, more unique, and more impactful, thanks to the marriage of marketing technology and tracking software— another VLG key differentiator.

Pick & Pack

Our state-of-the-art production and fulfillment services facility leverages industry-best inventory management software.

Our warehouse makes it possible to execute end-to-end marketing programs, store your branded merchandise and launch campaigns with one-off mail or bulk drops.

Other vendors may charge you for space, but as long as we're actively shipping bulk or one-off packages our warehouse is your warehouse. Make yourself at home.

VLG Warehouse
VLG Print Shop

Print shop

No reputable full-service agency should be without its own print shop. We are proud to say we have our own.

We believe the ability to execute great creative gifts, incentives, flat and dimensional mail should be done as fast as possible to avoid data degradation. Having a printer, scorer, and slicer just steps away from the warehouse makes it possible.

Fulfillment center

There is an art to good direct mail fulfillment services. Tender-loving care goes into every piece we ship. With an army of work-from-home moms and dads to our dedicated artisans, we put together pieces with handwritten inserts, carefully wrapped items, and elegant, branded details that elevate, surprise, and delight your intended recipient.

We offer pick-and-pack services for online retailers, company stores and eager entrepreneurs. Everything from discounted shipping rates to handwritten note cards helps you delivery a perfect customer experience.

VLG Fulfillment Services

Want to see more of our work?

VLG has been fantastic to work with. They never fail at thinking things through and pushing creative boundaries.
— Gretchen Weaver, Avere Systems
VLG is very creative, proactive, accommodating and responsive.
Would highly recommend them.
— Elias Abdo, ABBYY
VLG has a grasp on who our target market is and understand our goals.
— DeLaine Nick, ICE Mortgage Technology, Inc.
The pieces VLG designed have been so successful that prospects are actually calling us directly as a result!
— Courtney Pierce, Rapid7