VLG Strategic Process

Strategic Process

VLG ABM process

Using a well-defined process, we produce programs tailored to the precise needs of our clients. It’s about solving specific problems, not selling off-the-shelf solutions from previous projects.

VLG Strategic Process

How we do it

We define and guide account-based marketing strategies, tactics, metrics, and evaluations. Steps include:

VLG Identify


  • Buyer groups
  • Buyer personas
  • Desired outcome
  • Available tech
  • Creative limits
VLG Ideate


  • Campaign playbook
  • Brainstorm
  • Deliverables
  • Concepts with visuals
VLG Build


  • Write
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Source materials readiness
VLG Execute


  • Launch campaign email
  • Social/Search
  • Content
  • Mail fulfillment
  • Gifting
VLG Optimize


  • Adjust timing
  • Adjust content
  • Extend or expand
  • Target new buyer groups

Measurable results, lasting relationships

Fast starts are one thing. Immediate results are another. By definition, ABM — building lasting relationships with key people — takes time to work. The more complex the program and the larger your organization, the more time is required.

We develop accounts through personal relationships for lasting results, not free trial offers or demos that never convert.

ABM Cost Calculation

Cost calculation

Budgeting a B2B ABM program relates directly to the degree of complexity and desired outcome. Each program and campaign is designed for a specific situation.

VLG can help you map out an ABM program for the lowest possible cost per outcome. We suggest our clients review current deal sizes, cost per acquisition, sales cycles, and closing rates to establish a starting point because our work is project-based once we become an approved vendor.

Want to see more of our work?

VLG has been fantastic to work with. They never fail at thinking things through and pushing creative boundaries.
— Gretchen Weaver, Avere Systems
VLG is very creative, proactive, accommodating and responsive.
Would highly recommend them.
— Elias Abdo, ABBYY
VLG has a grasp on who our target market is and understand our goals.
— DeLaine Nick, ICE Mortgage Technology, Inc.
The pieces VLG designed have been so successful that prospects are actually calling us directly as a result!
— Courtney Pierce, Rapid7